asset_managementTotalTrax Asset Management solutions maximize the accuracy and efficiency of every aspect of asset management. Offering automated solutions for Warehouse Management, Yard Management and Returnable Transport Items (RTI), TotalTrax provides full visibility during these critical points in the supply chain.

Warehouse Asset Management

Many problems found in warehousing using today’s warehouse management systems (WMS) are related to operator errors and system limitations. TotalTrax solutions expedite distribution, manufacturing and warehousing operations by eliminating manual data collection and barcode scanning, while error-proofing receiving, storage, picking and shipping. Improved confidence in inventory records provides visibility, control and confidence in warehouse systems data.

Yard Asset Management

Yard operations are often overlooked in the move toward automated tracking.  Many yard operations remain highly manual and labor intensive, employing only basic technologies. TotalTrax delivers yard management tracking solutions to bridge the gap between indoor- and yard-inventory visibility.

Returnable Transport Items

RTI inventory, used for transport of goods within both closed loop and open loop cycles, is riddled with problems including shrinkage, damage, and lack of accountability. The challenge with incorporating RTIs into a supply chain process is finding an effective management tool that will remediate these problems. TotalTrax tracking solutions enables users to see the movement of the RTI within a facility, when it leaves the facility and when it returns. Real time visibility tracking improves inventory accuracy and data confidence by tracking containers and capturing data with little to no human work.