3forkliftshutterstockHaving complete real time visibility of each asset allows managers to retrieve reliable audit data that includes what each truck has done, where it has been, what its utility is. TotalTrax Fleet Management Solutions provide managers with full operational visibility from anywhere. The results are immediate increase in driver accountability and the ability to uncover better ways to manage your assets, inventory and resources.

Designed for use in warehouses and logistics centers, TotalTrax Fleet Management  and Fleet Tracking solutions optimize existing infrastructure and hardware to ensure safety and OSHA compliance, improve maintenance scheduling, and reduce damage-related costs for complete fleet management. Because TotalTrax provides complete visibility from day one customers can expect a 10-20% fleet operating cost reduction by monitoring and right sizing their fleets for savings, minimizing direct labor costs, slashing overtime hours and cutting maintenance and damage costs.

Finally, operations and indoor logistics managers have the data and tools they need to capitalize on the hidden profit within warehouse facilities. With real time Smart Truck data available 24/7, warehouse managers have the ability to more effectively match inventory needs with inventory assets – allowing for increased productivity and warehouse profitability.

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SX/VX Advanced Telematics

Sky-Trax Solutions