3plReducing costs by improving internal efficiencies

Many third party logistics companies face pressure to improve their DC operations due to rising operator expenses, customers’ needs for faster order and turn-around times, and support for increased sales without increasing staff or space. TotalTrax delivers to 3PLs the ability to increase productivity and lower costs.

The Solution

Our comprehensive suite of indoor visibility solutions allows operators to maximize facility productivity and receive valuable insights into resource use. Real-time continuous access to vehicle and inventory location, routing, and movement allows mangers to make critical decisions that yield immediate productivity and operational efficiency improvements. By implementing automated data capture, managers can also lower costs and improve accuracy.

TotalTrax Vehicle Tracking Solutions benefit 3PLs in the following areas:

Receiving, Put-Away and Shipping

  • Auto scanning to increase speed, lower transaction costs
  • Visible pallet touches
  • Fully-leveraged WMS functions

Inventory Management

  • Continuous inventory location tracking by pallet license
  • Reduced Q/A process costs
  • Efficient slot and space management
  • Reduced errors
Read The Report Linked Below

Read The Report Linked Below

Fleet Management

  • 100% location tracking by the second to the inch
  • Enhanced safety
  • Optimized routing
  • Improved asset utilization

Labor Management and Performance Analysis

  • Increased visibility and increased productivity
  • Accurate performance analysis
  • Enhanced LMS functions


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