Gain visibility from field to finished goods

agricultureManaging complex supply chains in the agribusiness can be challenging and expensive.  Visibility of product from raw materials in the field to finished goods on the store shelf is critical in order to meet strict guidelines set by the FDA. With significant experience in Agribusiness, TotalTrax has helped some of the largest companies in the world justify, design and deploy their tracking solutions.

Automated vehicle and inventory tracking of goods can provide real time, accurate and cost effective data. Valuable visibility information is provided by tracking bulk containers, pallets, bags or cases of product, and consequently tracking the lot, batch and date codes of their contents. This data can be used to reduce costs and increase the performance of the food supply chain operations and deliver the following:

  • Reduced risk of product mixing issues due to errors in material movements
  • Reduced shrink and spoilage
  • Reduced cycle time and increase food freshness/shelf life
  • Product authentication
  • Error proof processes
  • Improved reusable container management
  • Improved brand value
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Increased inventory turns, reduce capital tied up in inventory and WIP

Benefits of TotalTrax Vehicle Tracking Solutions

  • Error Proofing: Error proofing material movement and material identification processes eliminates errors at the ideal time…when they occur.
  • Inventory Confidence Increase: Inventory management solutions are as good as the data entered into them. Visibility improves inventory accuracy and system data integrity, enabling warehouse managers to trust the data and make decisions which help them improve the performance of their supply chain.
  • Location Visibility: Location visibility is critical when managing seasonal swings and tight control over material ID and batch information. TotalTrax solutions can be tailored to provide inventory location data, eliminating search time and improving material movement efficiency at both the plant and warehouse level.
  • Real Time Data Updating: Unlike current systems, TotalTrax provides real time updates of data that can be used to make dynamic and proactive decisions based upon data that is collected.
  • Improved throughput: Improved visibility supports increased inventory accuracy, which has a ripple effect through the organization. The end result– operators can focus on increasing productivity while avoiding errors in inventory.