Move and store goods faster while driving costs down

pick_n_goConsumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are constantly under pressure to move goods faster to meet customer demands, improve the storage and throughput of their facilities and drive manufacturing and warehousing costs down. As a result many CPG companies are searching for ways to reduce labor, fleet and inventory costs to increase the profitability of their indoor supply chain.

The Solution

TotalTrax offers vehicle tracking solutions to help CPG companies improve the overall productivity of their operations, optimize warehousing and manufacturing facilities and drive down overall fleet maintenance and labor costs. Manufacturing and warehousing facilities can realize value and impact their bottom line by reducing the amount of non-value added tasks and work done to receive, store, pick and ship goods. By automating data collection tasks and monitoring fleet asset usage, CPG companies can access data that will allow for visibility to product placement, assessment or reassignment of labor resources and reduce fleet maintenance costs for real savings.

TotalTrax vehicle tracking solutions bring value to CPG operations by providing:

  • 100% visibility of real time location, movement and status of people, trucks and inventory to deliver greater functionality for improved labor productivity
  • Reduced labor costs with rich data that lets you see not just “what” happened but “why” it happened and what needs to be done for continuous improvement
  • Real time Smart Truck data available 24/7, to more effectively match inventory needs with inventory assets – allowing for increased productivity and warehouse profitability.
  • Visibility to store execution issues (rotation, stock outs) and inventory inaccuracies (phantom inventory)
  • Simplified work flow processes that produce more accurate results
  • Cost reductions in rotation, storage execution and stock inaccuracies