Keep up with the competition by improving operational productivity and efficiency

first_read_3The ability to efficiently receive, store and retrieve goods in a food and beverage storage facility is one of the key ways to reduce costs and stay ahead of your competition. In today’s competitive market, Food and Beverage companies across the globe are in a race to get product from production to the shelves faster and cheaper to meet customer demands. Manual processes, insufficient storage of product, cycle counting and costly shipping mistakes increase the probability of inventory inaccuracies, lowers throughput and can lead to poor inventory storage planning. These represent areas where productivity is lost along with potential profits.

The Solution

TotalTrax advanced tracking solutions  for vehicles and inventory provide the tools and business intelligence necessary to eliminate manual data capture, improve inventory accuracy up to 99.9%, increase facility throughput and improve slot and space utilization. By utilizing accurate real time vehicle usage and inventory data, managers have the opportunity to make decisions and operational changes that will yield results to their bottom line.

EastPack-1With TotalTrax Vehicle Tracking Solutions, companies in the Food and Beverage industry can:

  • Improve productivity up to 40%
  • Achieve up to 70% in cost reductions with automated inventory data collection
  • Improve inventory accuracy, driver productivity, overall throughput of facilities and reduce cycle counting efforts
  • View real time data of inventory location, quantities and expiry dates
  • Reduce costs associated with miss-shipments and product spoilage
  • Operate more safely with equipment monitoring and impact detection
  • Import accurate data into existing WMS and LMS systems


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