TotalTrax Smart Truck products deliver substantial value in OSHA safety compliance, maintenance, fleet utilization, labor productivity, inventory accuracy and warehouse optimization. By automating vehicle usage, impact detection, inventory identification and location visibility data, customers are able to reduce or eliminate the inaccuracies and costs normally associated with operator input.

TotalTrax Smart Truck Products:

  • Equipment Monitoring Products
    • Equipment Monitoring Capabilities:
      • Reduce costs of impact-related damage
      • Ensure compliance with OSHA regulations
      • Control vehicle access via multiple user-defined interfaces
      • Minimize downtime through optimal maintenance scheduling
      • Create a safer workplace and minimize accidents and claims
  • Safety Products
    • Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety System Capabilities:
      • Address specific safety concerns through customizable applications and software
      • Create “Safety Zones” through the use of audio and visual
      • Utilize captured vehicle data to improve safety