Improve accuracy by perfecting data collection and inventory tracking

Pulp and Paper Industires Forklift SafetyThe Pulp & Paper industry has a unique set of issues that complicate its cost structure, productivity, and ability to maintain inventory control. Among these problems are difficult data collection, labor-intensive manual validations, complicated transactions and imperfect tracking methods.

TotalTrax’s automated vehicle and inventory tracking solutions eliminate operator scanning and automatically track the paper rolls and the trucks within the warehouse. TotalTrax delivers near perfect inventory accuracy and provides the inventory visibility and lift truck utilization data to drive significant operational benefits.

TotalTrax Paper vehicle tracking solutions deliver benefits in the following primary value areas:

  • Inventory adjustments: Automated roll tracking provides improved inventory management, reducing accounting adjustments required for scrap, unidentifiable rolls, damaged or otherwise “lost” material.
  • Labor productivity: Enabled by TotalTrax’s Sky-Trax vehicle tracking solution, clamp or lift trucks identify the load automatically, eliminating the need to scan. Improved inventory accuracy streamlines the reconciliation process and reduces or eliminates the need to perform cycle counts
  • Manufacturing utilization: Improved inventory accuracy has a ripple effect, improving the performance of order management, production planning, manufacturing, and reconciliation. Improved inventory accuracy reduces unscheduled downtime due to inventory errors.
  • Miss-shipments: Since TotalTrax error-proofs material movements, inadvertent errors are eliminated. This improves on time in full (OTIF) shipping performance and reduces shipping errors, as well as the labor required to correct them.
  • Customer Satisfaction: TotalTrax delivers significant opportunities to improve customer service. Improved inventory accuracy helps improve OTIF metrics, increases the ability to accurately convey inventory levels and available to promise dates, and reduces customer reconciliations labor.