Improve productivity and reduce costs with real time tracking

Historically, retail organizations have experienced pain points in one or more areas of their operation. Inventory accuracy, fleet management and inventory control represent the top areas where retailers see the highest loss in potential profits. While these areas may be viewed as challenges, TotalTrax believes these areas represent a form of untapped profit that can generate the cost reductions necessary to see direct impacts to the bottom line.

With TotalTrax advanced tracking  and equipment monitoring solutions, retailers have the opportunity to improve the overall performance and productivity of their operations.

The value of tracking

TotalTrax provides vehicle tracking solutions to reduce costs in all of the following areas:

Fork Truck Fleets – Achieve up to 40% in cost reductions with improved fleet usage, utilization, and safety of operations with real time vehicle data and visibility, equipment monitoring tools and impact detection.

Inventory Accuracy – Achieve up to 30% in cost reductions with real time automated vehicle and inventory tracking to reduce scrap, obsolescence and improve overall throughput

Inventory Control – Achieve up to 70% in cost reductions with automated inventory data collection to improve inventory accuracy, driver productivity and reduce cycle counting efforts

Receiving – Achieve up to 40% in cost reductions with reduced data collection efforts by automating storage validation and transaction data collection

Picking/Selection & Put/Display Processes – Achieve up to 30% in cost reductions with automated inventory validations and transactions for accurate data capture and eliminate searching efforts for inventory picking and storage locations

Shipping – Achieve up to 30% in cost reductions with accelerated shipping process by utilizing accurate inventory data to receive product for shipping, eliminate costs associated with miss-shipments and improve OTIF processes.