Reducing costs with accurate inventory data

inventoryTotalTrax solutions enable warehouse managers to improve inventory accuracy by eliminating the work and errors associated with hand scanning, misplaced inventory, and miss-ships. Our inventory management solutions solve these problems by removing manual data collection tasks before they can create bad data, allowing for significant operational cost reductions and inventory accuracy improvements.

Each year, imprecise warehouse inventory issues cost employers hundreds of millions of dollars in lost goods, and a staggering number of man hours associated with locating lost inventory. TotalTrax provides smart forklift truck solutions designed to address the costs associated with low efficiency, low productivity, lost inventory and safety.

No matter what your inventory tracking need, TotalTrax offers a Smart Forklift Truck Inventory Management Solution. These include Optical Inventory Data Collection, Track-by-Location Data Collection, and RFID Data Collection or a mixed fleet technology that includes the use of AGVs.

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