Despite it being a growing area of business and study, accounting for 8.5% of GDP, the logistics field is having trouble finding mangement level employees. According to the Materials Handling Industry (MHI) “the logistics business will be looking to fill about 1.4 million jobs, or roughly 270,000 per year, by 2018.” Given that logistics is a $1.3 trillion dollar industry, it’s no wonder that many universities are adding logistics and supply chain classes and majors to their curriculum.

The 2015 Logistics Management 31st Annual Salary Survey, conducted by Peerless Research Group (PRG), reveals that with the economy improving logistics management salaries are slowly increasing, Millennials’ needs are infiltrating the workforce, education and technology are key to advancement, and the gender gap remains. Let’s have a visual glance at the state of the logistics management in 2015:


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