Total Trax and Wyless

Boston and Newport, DE; 22nd June 2015, Wyless, the leading Internet of Things ( IoT ) global managed services provider and TotalTrax, Inc. the leading provider of automated real time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking products for manufacturing and warehouse operations today announced they have teamed up to provide TotalTrax Telematics customers with a new wireless networking solution based on cellular technology and services supplied by Wyless.

TotalTrax telematics’ technologies turn forklifts into  “smart trucks” that provide real time operating data and alerts to improve safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity and inventory accuracy. Phil Van Wormer, Senior Vice President at TotalTrax said, “many fleet operators are unable to obtain the benefits that deployment of our telematics solutions provides because they cannot get IT approval to use their existing Wi-Fi network for data transfer to a server.  This cellular alternative combined with our cloud hosting services is a simple and cost effective alternative that can be implemented

Shelby Noakes, Vice President of Product Marketing at Wyless also commented that, “customers appreciate this approach to cellular connectivity because they only pay a small monthly data plan charge per site instead of a monthly per truck charge for cellular service.”

Powered by Wyless, the cellular solution uses a single access point (router) inside of each warehouse connected to a cellular bridge to enable a separate data network for the smart trucks within the warehouse. This type of solution allows for real-time, high volume interchange with TotalTrax hosted cloud servers for a low, monthly cost. These services simplify operations, lower the total cost of ownership, and accelerate adoption of management technologies while retaining fleet visibility and control.


About Wyless
We empower businesses to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our unparalleled reach is delivered through our 20+ MNO partners across the globe.  We connect millions of devices around the world with our leading technology, providing guaranteed costs, visibility, and control of mission critical applications.  We have eSim, multi-IMSI, and core network capabilities and our impartial experts and collaborative team help our customers succeed in their businesses.  Our differentiated services deliver 24/7/365 support and monitoring of customer devices through our
global service centers.

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Barry Nay, CMO
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About TotalTrax, Inc
TotalTrax, Inc, is the leading provider of real-time driver and inventory tracking technologies and fleet management solutions for manufacturing and warehouse operations. Offering a complete technology platform that transforms traditional material handling vehicles into “smart trucks,” TotalTrax provides solutions that automate data collection and reporting for materials handling operations. With patented hardware, software, reporting and business intelligence tools, TotalTrax delivers substantial value in safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity and inventory accuracy. By automating vehicle usage, maintenance, impacts and lift truck load and location visibility data, customers are able to reduce or eliminate the inaccuracies normally associated with operator input. The resulting business intelligence provides the insight needed to implement immediate improvements resulting in documented productivity gains.

For more information about TotalTrax, please contact:
Phil Van Wormer, Senior Vice President