Recently, as a passenger in a car, I looked out my window as we drove by a big parking lot outside of a factory. I saw a man hop onto a forklift. The driver didn’t slow down and there was no seat for a second operator or passenger. Most likely it was an innocent moment of a co-worker trying to give someone else a ride. Hop on. Let’s go. I’m headed in your direction. Knowing how easy it is to get severely or fatally injured around a forklift, I wanted to yell out the window: BE CAREFUL!

In recent news a judge approved a $15.2 million dollar payout to a man who was severely injured as a forklift struck him and ran over his foot. It was found that the driver, “failed to keep a clear view of the path of travel, failed to maintain a proper lookout, and failed to use a spotter.”

At TotalTrax we keep a close eye on current news surrounding forklifts and other material handling equipment. Safety is critital in our business. Proper use, awareness of rules & regulations, and monitoring equipment can make for a trifecta of safety and effeciency. Keeping up with OSHA regulations is important for every workplace. Here are some recent changes to  OSHA’s reporting rules. Of course the goal is to avoid injury, but being aware of the rules should an injury occur is also important.


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