Actively, define, set and meet labor standards

worker driver at warehouse forklift loader worksAccurate real-time data provided by TotalTrax Smart Truck Forklift Solutions allows for high-value operational improvements including establishing and measuring true labor standards. The cost of labor for a standard materials handling operation are approximately 70 to 90% of operating expenses. In many instances warehouse managers are challenged to define and set labor standards as benchmarks to gauge productivity improvements. With real time visibility, managers are able to bring accountability to operations, eliminate non-productive activities, and increase attention and conformity to work rules.

The Solution

Data provided by TotalTrax Smart Truck solutions empowers management to improve work practices, manage assets for lower costs and higher productivity, establish incentive pay systems, and utilize real time data for Six Sigma and Lean process improvements. See immediate benefits with increased productivity , including more useful work per hour, less facility damage and fewer repair projects, reduction in fleet maintenance and repair costs, and a reduction in damaged goods and inventory write-offs. Utilize accurate high-value operational data to establish and measure true labor standards, eliminate or slash overtime costs and re-engineer work processes.

Benefits of TotalTrax Labor Management Forklift Solutions:

  • Reduce labor costs with rich data -see not just “what” happened, but “why” it happened and what needs to be done to improve – focus on continuous improvement
  • Improve productivity with deeper functionality and receive greater benefits as a result of 100% visibility of real-time location, movement, and status of people, trucks, and inventory
  • Easy to manage and run – more automation means less labor
  • Does not require a WMS – can run stand-alone and side-by-side, as well as integrated
  • Better- complete picture of work (not just WMS transactions)
  • Dynamic – you see changes over time and can adjust your LMS automatically
  • Easy to install – no lengthy IE study period
  • Low install cost – no expensive WMS license

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