first_read_1TotalTrax’s suite of Sky-Trax Solutions features patented technology that allows vehicles to be tracked in real time with accuracy to the square inch. Offering a variety of fleet tracking solutions to best fit your needs, TotalTrax addresses the challenges faced by warehouse managers and upper-level management in the Materials Handling, Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. TotalTrax can provide the solution you need to help you accomplish your productivity, inventory management, or safety challenges, including optically-based solutions, RFID and basic vehicle tracking needs for fleet management.

Sky-Trax Vehicle Tracking System

The Sky-Trax Vehicle Tracking Solution automatically tracks and determines vehicle movement, location and position with inch accuracy, Sky-Trax Vehicle Tracking captures and displays the location of all vehicles in real time, and records the precise location. The precise vehicle location data collected by Sky-Trax Vehicle Tracking allows warehouse managers to optimize fleet operation.


Sky-Trax Sensors

Sky-Trax Advanced Tracking Solution

By combining state-of-the-art application software, positioning technology and tracking hardware on lift trucks, TotalTrax provides unprecedented accuracy for identifying and tracking the status and location of goods and assets. Through the use of Optical, RFID or mixed fleet solutions, TotalTrax offers Sky-Trax advanced tracking solutions to meet asset tracking needs. The Sky-Trax Optical Solution is the comprehensive solution for complete asset and inventory tracking for distribution centers, manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Sky-Trax Optical allows managers to plan routes, make critical dispatching decisions in real-time & review historical data for improving operations over time. Sky-Trax RFID maximizes tracking efficiency by providing real-time operational visibility with automatic data collection.