Power for today, expandability for tomorrow


TotalTrax has joined with Logi Analytics® to provide industry-leading data, reporting and analytic management tools.

The innovative SX200 telematics software, developed specifically for the material handling industry, is at the core of this advanced telematics platform. It enables new functionality and a more intuitive user experience on the VX hardware. The platform includes industry leading data, reporting, and analytic management tools from Logi Analytics® and leverages the extensive data hosting expertise of RackSpace®. Remotely monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot and reboot your units to make sure that vehicles are back online as soon as possible.

TotalTrax SX200 fleet telematics software allows the platform to readily accommodate new applications and upgrades. No more replacing obsolete hardware or learning a new operating system to gain additional functionality. Features and support options are customizable to your operation, delivering only what each site needs. Easy to use, flexible, and automatically updatable via the cloud, SX200 software delivers maximum useful life and ROI, and gives you the performance benefits you’ve come to expect, and more.


TotalTrax has partnered with Rackspace® to provide unmatched, world-class expertise in Cloud hosting, data security and backup.

  • Real time impact detection to improve driver behavior and reduce the cost of accidents and damage to vehicles, facilities and product
  • Certification and training log administration for better efficiency and driver access control
  • Automated pre-shift checklist administration with vehicle lock-out capability to insure OSHA compliance
  • Activity tracking with multiple input options and enhanced data granularity for improved maintenance scheduling triggers as well as utilization and productivity analysis
  • Load sensing for travel with and without load to support fleet and driver right sizing
  • Job tracking for enhanced labor management vs standards
  • On-demand unit location to quickly find vehicles and drivers when needed
  • Definable event triggers and email alerts to enhance communication and follow-up
  • Remote diagnostic and reboot capability as well as automated software updates to minimize unit and vehicle downtime
  • More intuitive driver and report user screens now available in choice of English, Spanish, French Canadian and German to enhance user satisfaction and support
  • VX100 integration of driver screens into existing vehicle mounted terminals to leverage that investment
  • Real time visibility to fleet and labor activity combined with exception alerts drives accountability, productivity and your total cost of ownership
  • Add additional applications and features in the future like Sky-Trax real time location systems without the need to change platforms