No company can match the combination of solution flexibility, technical service, and experienced support that TotalTrax offers before, during, and after the sale and implementation of the SX/VX advanced telematics platform.

As a leader in telematics for more than 20 years, the sales and service professionals at TotalTrax understand the support required to successfully install, adopt, and get the most value out of an investment in monitoring technology. We use that experience before the sale to carefully assess your safety, operations, maintenance, and IT requirements and determine how to engage all stakeholders.

We manage the implementation process to adhere tightly to schedules and budgets. We devote significant resources to training operators and other employees until they are fully comfortable with the TotalTrax SX/VX platform. We understand that enterprise-wide change can be challenging. We help manage that change, providing active follow-up, and, if necessary, additional training so that all your stakeholders are confident in their ability to use the platform.

Active, continuous customer support is another capability that sets TotalTrax apart. The combination of safety and productivity improvements, cloud hosting, remote unit monitoring, and data analysis services that the flexible, scalable TotalTrax SX/VX advanced telematics platform delivers, gives our customers the confidence to add functionality and additional sites, knowing that they are getting a full return on their telematics investment.