On Friday, July 10th, we at TotalTrax were pleased to announce the launch the new SX/VX platform consisting of both software (SX) and hardware (VX) for material handling equipment. The products are compatible with TotalTrax’s existing product installations and offer a robust set of new and improved options for usevx-200-1024x754-1024x754rs.

The launch is an exciting move for TotalTrax, as we strive to meet costumer needs as the industry grows and safety concerns remain ubiquitous. Frank Cavallaro, Chief Executive Officer for TotalTrax said, “The materials handling and indoor logistics technology market has been looking for a more flexible, scalable solution to address fleet safety and warehouse productivity challenges for years. Our new SX/VX platform makes it easier for manufacturing and warehouse managers to take comprehensive control over their vehicles and operations today, while providing the flexibility to change or upgrade functionality – via software – in minutes.”


cloud-chart-totaltrax1-1024x601Here are some of the new features:

–       A single hardware device, with flexible, upgradable, and downloadable software package options specific    to customers’ needs

–       Load-sensing and impact detection

–       Job tracking and pre-shift inspection checklists

–       Driver access control

–       Open architecture that evolves with fluid needs

–       The ability to interface with new inventory tracking technology to be introduced later this year

–       The option to allow data to be shared among multiple platforms including maintenance, fleet, warehouse, and labor management systems for improved analytics

–       New data warehouse, reporting, and dashboard tools

–       Simple, intuitive user interface in four language options: English, Spanish, French Canadian and German

–       User interface that can be displayed on any browser-enabled device

–       LED displays which can be accessed remotely for performance monitoring and diagnostic support

–       SX software can be hosted locally, centrally, or by TotalTrax via its cloud service options

–       Compatibility with existing TotalTrax ID, RF, and EM equipment monitoring products downloadable via TotalTrax cloud

For more details about reporting tools, BI analytics, site privatization, safety monitoring, and our partnerships with Rackspace and LogiAnalytics, visit our updated website.

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