The TotalTrax SX/VX platform consists of both software (SX) and hardware (VX) designed for the specific needs of the material handling industry. It is compatible with our existing product installations (EquipManager, Impact Manager RF and Impact Manager ID) and provides a flexible, expandable, advanced telematics solution with enhanced data management, reporting and analysis tools. Individual features can be purchased separately via software downloads.


With this new platform, we introduce a flexible and upgradable software-driven advanced telematics platform that can accommodate evolving customer requirements and new applications without the need to change platforms. Using a single hardware device, customers choose only the features they need via the purchase of downloadable software packages.

Users can choose which individual functions to employ across different sites and multiple vehicles while managing only one hardware device and data reporting package. Features and capabilities can also be redeployed and reallocated as customer needs change. Typical capabilities include new load sensing and job tracking options as well as impact detection, driver access control, and pre-shift inspection checklists.


Two new significant capabilities become available with the new SXVX system:

• Customers can use a vehicle mounted computer (VMC) display for data entry and display of safety checklists and messages via a simple browser based connection to the VX hardware and resident software.

• Customers can choose a preferred language from a list (currently English, Spanish, French Canadian and German) for use of use. The selected language becomes displayed based on the users log in across the fleet of VX devices and even the SX200 software and reporting tools.

We add to this a new comprehensive reporting and analytics suite which, in this initial release, first incorporates all the reporting capabilities of the EquipCommand software and adds significant ease of use and flexibility in tailoring and execution of reports. This will be the platform as well for the introduction of many advanced reporting, “dashboards” and analytic modules in the future.


Developed based on the need for customers to analyze the influx of data, and the desire for a more cost-effective alternative to manage IT concerns regarding 3rd-party access to Wi-fi and bandwidth for maintaining servers, SX200 includes secure Cloud Services capabilities through Texas-based managed cloud computing partner, Rackspace. For those customers who desire local deployment, the SX200 software can also be provisioned on the customers’ servers. Additionally, the Logi Analytics platform can be easily integrated into existing EQC software applications and allow users to create custom reports easily and rapidly.


This new platform further acknowledges TotalTrax’ commitment to existing customers by providing a unified management platform in the SX200 server software to manage both the new VX hardware and existing EquipManager, Impact Manager RF and Impact Manager ID devices (“Mixed Fleets”). Customers can upgrade to the new capabilities of SX200 to manage their current devices and add to their fleet with new VX equipment at their discretion.

Existing and prospective customers and sales should be immediately advised of the new SXVX offerings, particularly in light of the mixed fleet capabilities and upgrade potential. Please contact us with any questions.

Source: Blog