The power of the cloud

The SX/VX platform was designed to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud hosting technology. You can be confident that your data is secure and backed-up 24/7/365. TotalTrax offers a flexible suite of cloud fleet management services, including access to cloud experts trained on the platform, who can help ensure that the software always runs at peak performance. Choose from simple baseline unit monitoring, remote diagnostics, and event notification to proactive management of all units, network performance, report generation, and advanced analytics.

Gaining IT approval for wifi network access, as well as supporting and maintaining a stand-alone software and data server, can be challenging. It can also delay the deployment of the telematics solutions you need. Our cloud hosting services, combined with our cellular connectivity option, provide a simple, fast, and cost-effective alternative.


TotalTrax has partnered with Rackspace® to provide unmatched, world-class expertise in Cloud hosting, data security and backup.

Simplify operations, lower the total cost of ownership, and accelerate adoption of management technologies while retaining fleet visibility and control.

  • Retain visibility and control of your fleet environment while simplifying operations
  • Proactively mitigate new risks and threats
  • Maximize performance, availability and utilization of fleet management technology
  • Realize a return on fleet management investment faster
  • Focus on strategic business priorities while creating higher levels of operational efficiency
  • Software maintenance coverage included in Cloud Service fee

Cloud Service Benefits

The TotalTrax Cloud fleet management service is the alternative to end-user hosted software. Rather than host and maintain the SX200 software locally, TotalTrax hosts both the server software and database in a secure 24/7/365 monitored and managed environment.

  • Advanced hardware diagnostics capabilities.
  • Database and server hosted by TotalTrax, eliminating the need for local IT to maintain environment…saving money and time.
  • Allows for easy implementation and management of multiple physical locations within a single software environment, giving management the ability to monitor and compare all locations with one enterprise software suite.
  • Server health and unit status monitored by trained TotalTrax technicians.
  • Database maintained and backed up daily to ensure data integrity.
  • Software logs actively monitored by TotalTrax, allowing fast response to problems.
  • Remote access to the software allows timely issue resolution should an issue with the system arise…we can see what you see.
  • Users can connect to the Cloud Service site from anywhere in the world, at any time.

The TotalTrax Cloud Service is like hiring an IT professional, a TotalTrax technician, and server farm. You gain the knowledge and experience of an entire team of professionals, with current generation hardware, for a fraction of the cost.


Cloud Support Service Levels:

Standard Support – Provides automated system notification of offline units. Software Maintenance ensures that your TotalTrax software is always up to date. Additionally, event based email alerts can be configured for delivery to user-defined personnel. Other Cloud Services and technical support can be purchased as needed or an on-call basis.

Enhanced Support – Extends the services provided in Standard Support and additionally includes Active System Management and Confguration Management. Active System Management provides direct access to the TotalTrax Technical Support Center. Cloud issue and error logging features are utilized to identify fleet trends in order to eliminate recurring incidents and manage the operational impacts that are inherent within a given fleet environment. Configuration Management optimizes system software parameters, to ensure peak system performance. Other Cloud Services and technical support can be purchased as needed or an on-call basis.

Additional Services – In addition, proactive technical support and other services may be purchased to extend the life of your fleet management investment. Put TotalTrax expertise in the hands of your staff through online training and documentation resources, access to Totaltrax hardware and software technicians / engineers, software and content updates, onsite support, and advance hardware replacement options as well as personalized analysis and reports.


Cloud Services