2jigsaw-globeAny business that utilizes material handling equipment knows that safety is a main concern as 1 in 6 workplace deaths involves forklifts. Manufacturers also know that data tracking can be critical to efficiency and the bottom line. It makes sense that TotalTrax designed their new SX/VX Advanced Telematics platform to be available in English, French Canadian, German, and Spanish. Customers have access to an intuitive user interface for customization of reports, cockpit dashboards, and delivery scheduling.

The floor of a busy factory is not a place where confusion is welcome, both in terms of safety and efficiency. It’s critical for employees to understand information and be comfortable with communication. Catering to non-English speaking or English language learning consumers is smart business.

¿Hablas español?   Although the US has a primary language, it does not have an official language. In the United States 37.6 million people speak Spanish and 1 in 5 Americans don’t speak English at home. According to workforce.com, “In the United States, almost 60 percent of all workers are paid hourly wages, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of these nearly 76 million employees, almost 20 percent are Hispanic or Latino, many of whom speak fluent Spanish.”

According to the Department of Labor people of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity will represent 19% of the U.S. labor force by 2020. The Department of Labor statistics list 29.3% of the industrial truck and tractor operators as Hispanic or Latino. Providing materials, software, and other tools in alternate languages is both conscientious and practical. According to OSHA, “organizations should take into consideration specific populations when developing their training program: Non-English speakers, workers with limited English proficiency, contingent workers, day laborers and temporary workers, and young workers. These populations tend to be employed in greater numbers in high-risk occupations and it is imperative that they understand the information you are conveying to them.”

Parlez-vous Francais?  TotalTrax customers are not only U.S. based. Canadian paper and fine tissue company, Cascades, employs TotalTrax tools. Their own website is available in multiple languages. Out of 35 million people living in Canada, 7.3 Canadians listed French as their mother tongue.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Europe’s population is 742 million, more than the population of North America (528 million). Germany is Europe’s industrial and economic center. By offering access to English, French, Spanish, and German tools, TotalTrax is covering 14.44% of the world’s speakers. That’s pretty good considering there are over 6,000 languages. Do the 14.44% all drive forklifts? No, but the world’s supply chain is made more efficient and safe due to multi-lingual tools.

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