TotalTrax Presents and Exhibits at ProMat 2013 in Chicago, IL

TotalTrax presents education seminar and exhibits at ProMat 2013
January 17, 2013, Newport, DE

TotalTrax, Inc. (TotalTrax), is pleased to announce their participation as an exhibitor and seminar sponsor at the ProMat 2013 material handling trade show in Chicago, IL next week.

As part of the educational seminar sessions, TotalTrax will be presenting “Warehouse Productivity Secrets Revealed: How leading companies improve labor productivity, safety and fleet utilization with new fleet monitoring and inventory tracking technologies” on the first day of the show in the Knowledge Center.

Join us on Monday, January 21, 2013 at 3:45pm in Theater D as Phil Van Wormer, TotalTrax Executive Vice President will be discussing how advantages in equipment and labor monitoring as well as automated inventory tracking and data collection are providing productivity improvements of 10% to 40% to companies that utilize them. Case Studu evidence and results will be provided.


In addition to sponsoring an educational seminar, TotalTrax will be showcasing their FleetControl Manager product (part of their Equipment Monitoring product line), job coding and load sensing capabilities and their Business Intelligence tools and reporting software at their booth.  Come and get a first look at what TotalTrax has in-store for 2013 and how their solutions are transforming ordinary forklifts into data collecting Smart Trucks that have a direct impact on operational efficiency, labor productivity, fleet management and safety.


 Seminar Date and Time:   Monday, January 21, 2013 at 3:45pm, Theater D

Booth Location:   #4459


 About TotalTrax, Inc.

TotalTrax, Inc. is the leading provider of real time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies and fleet management solutions for manufacturing and warehouse operations. Offering a complete technology platform that transforms traditional material handling vehicles into “smart trucks,” TotalTrax provides solutions that automate data collection and reporting for materials handling operations. With patented hardware, software, reporting and business intelligence tools, TotalTrax delivers substantial value in safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity and inventory accuracy. By automating vehicle usage, maintenance, impacts and lift truck load and location visibility data, customers are able to reduce or eliminate the inaccuracies normally associated with operator input. The resulting business intelligence provides the insight needed to implement immediate improvements resulting in documented productivity gains.