Gaining a Competitive Advantage

VAR Program at Total TraxAt TotalTrax we strive for excellence and are committed to improving our customers’ warehousing facilities. We bring cutting-edge solutions to improve inventory accuracy, lower operation costs, increase facility and employee safety, and improve warehouse efficiency and productivity.

TotalTrax offers a suite of vehicle and inventory tracking solutions, including our patented optical real time location system that utilizes optical technology to provide robust real-time, inch-accurate, streaming location data. Providing essential vehicle information such as direction, speed, and number of loads handled, accurate inventory data and safety solutions for all types of industry scenarios is our business. The results are unparalleled accuracy and ROIs that will impress even the most skeptical customers.

How to Become a Premier Partner

TotalTrax invites Value Added Resellers, Solutions Integrators, and OEMs with a proven track record of selling material-handling hardware and software directly to warehousing operations, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities to join our Premier Partner Program. Help your company grow and differentiate its offerings by introducing a new line of solutions for tracking vehicles and unit loads in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Learn how your company can benefit from adding TotalTrax Solutions to your product line.

To learn more about the TotalTrax Premier Partner program please contact the TotalTrax Business Development Office at: (302) 514-0600 or email us at: